We will have Service will online  today from Facebook Live and You tube Live . Worship Service will begin at 11 am. 


Today's Announcements: 


Sick/Shut In/Bereavement

  • Praying for Brother David Durley who has been placed on hospice. Praying for his cousin Elder Foster and the entire family as they provide care for him at this time. 

    Sister Sheila Jones lost her Aunt, Eddie Mae Smith this week. The body is at Temple funeral home. We are      praying for sister Sheila, Pastor Tracy Lemons and their entire family.

  • Praying for Rev. Stephen Billingslea as he once again answered the call to help those in need during the pandemic. Please pray for his protection in Texas.

    Praying for Monique Davis recovering from Covid-19  at home and says she is feeling better.

   Sister Edwina Peoples' niece, Andrea Walker was discharged from the hospital yesterday and is recovering from Covid-19 at home. She is a vice principal in the Tulsa school district.


Corporate prayer time.

General Announcements


  • Message from Pastor:
    • East Sixth Street, I love you and miss seeing your faces. For this month, let pick up on efforts to check on one another. All of us are not phone talkers and we are not going in one another's homes now. Therefore, I am asking that you reach out to three members not in your circle and check on them; let them know that you miss seeing them; if there is anything they may need help them with it. 
  •  Thank you to those who have volunteered to sponsor Refuge Homeless children. The list has come in and we will be getting the children's list to you this week. This year the party will be December 12, 2020. We will need to get the gifts by December 10 so we can get them delivered to the location.
  • We are doing a special offering for those East Sixth Street families with Christmas needs. Please make a donation to this offering by putting "Christmas Gift" on your envelope  or online through "Givelify" in the comment section. Paypal "comment section" is not working at this time. We will collect Christmas Gift offering until November 15, 2020 to allow families to shop or order online for gifts.
  • If any church family is in need of help we want to address those needs first. Please reach out to sister Carmen with your needs for the holidays (thanksgiving and Christmas). We are one family and here to lift one another up. 

  Pastor Jackson is ENCOURAGING ALL MEMBERS to join us for Wednesday Bible Study (Esther Chapter  2.

  • As the weather is changing we are making plans to phase in worship from the sanctuary. Stay tune for more details. For now the weather looks good for next weeks parking lot service at 9:30. 
  • We will have "No contact giving" available today at church from 1-2pm. Mail in giving is still available at Mailing Address: PO Box 54674, OKC. OK 73154.
  • We want to thank everyone who have continued to give with tithes and Offering while we have been away from the church during COVID-19. Your giving has allowed us to function and meet obligations during this difficult time. Your continued faithfulness shows how much you love God and the church. 
  • Please let us know of any October Birthdays and Anniversaries so that we can add to our list for acknowledgment and celebration on our website announcements. 
  • Happy Birthday shout out to All October  Birthdays and Anniversaries. Happy Birthday to: 

    • Sister Shawn Dawson (7th), Elder Worth Hadley, 86 years young; Cathi Hughes (20th);Lanai Harris (4th);Owen Eloise Francisco;  Sister Ratem (24th); 
  • Full Prayer list is available on website If you have anyone to add or remove please let us know either by text to sister Carmen or by contact form on website. 
  • All other announcements can be found on website ESSCC1919.ORG. ALL Contact information (address, phone number, PO box)about our church and links to YouTube Live  and Facebook Live are at the bottom of the Announcement page below for your convenience.


Parking Lot Instructions

  • Please enter the parking lot from 7th street and follow directions. We will be putting larger SUV vehicles to side or back to allow those in smaller vehicles to see, we appreciate your cooperation. 
  • We ask that you remain by your cars and not visit car to car so we can be careful to maintain our social distance. If you bring your chairs we ask that remain by your cars a safe distance from the car next to you. No chairs will be brought out of the church.   
  • To keep our ushers or deacons safe while handing out communion and envelopes we are asking that you wear your mask in your car until you have received all these items and if you leave your car for any reason.
  • The bathrooms will be open in the church. We have to give heart felt wave rather than warm hugs for now. 
  • We will still be broadcasting on Facebook live so you can watch along from your cars if you are unable to see very well. Due to Pastor Jackson balance issues we will not feel safe having him stand on any platforms for height.
  • So feel free to watch on your electronic devices from your cars. You should still be able to hear everything with our outdoor sound system thanks to Minster of Music, Sister Shawn Dawson and Praise Leader Sister Ckai Dawson. 
  • We will be taking communion together but due to COVID-19 will not be collecting the discarded waste, please take those home to throw away.  


  • Please plan to arrive early to allow us time to lineup cars and get everyone settle before church begins so that late arriver's do no disturb the service.
  • Online giving is still encouraged and can be done from you cars.   Offering will be collected as you drive out of the parking lot by one of the ushers .No contact offering will be available from 1-2 as usual.
    • We ask that you remain by your cars and not visit car to car so we can be careful to maintain our social distance. If you bring your chairs we ask that remain by your cars a safe distance from the car next to you. No chairs will be brought out of the church.   
    • Online giving is still encouraged and can be done from you cars.   Offering will be collected as you drive out of the parking lot by one of the ushers .




  Standing Announcements

  • We want to remind all members that the taping of the live service from the sanctuary is limited to participants only at this time due to COVID-19. We are trying to keep all those working  toward bringing the Online worship experience safe from the virus by limiting the number of people in the sanctuary. We appreciate your continued cooperation.

We have been monitoring the numbers and there has been a sharp increase in the numbers of positive Covid 19 cases in Oklahoma. We will continue to watch these numbers carefully. The safety and well being of our church family is our top priority. 

 If you want to attend for next months Disciple Men's meeting on  October 10, 2020 at 10am, please send sister Carmen your email address so that she can send you the zoom invitation. We need your emails not later than October 8th to allow her time to get the meeting setup.

The Disciple Women's Fellowship has a Facebook group page. Sister Donna Roberts is our group administrator for the page. She and Sister Sheila Jones, president of Disciple Women,  are looking for great ideas that we can do together virtually while we all stay safe during this pandemic. Please share any ideas of interest you may have with the group. We have already seen recipes, community resources, and inspirational posters. Looking forward to getting together soon. Maybe yoga, quilting, healthy cooking classes, so many ideas. Tell them yours. 

Thank you, we made it to our 100 subscribers goal. We are now able to set up our own URL link on our website. Please continue to subscribe if you have not already  and invite your friends and family to join as well. 


  We will be adding Givelify as one of our donation options. ON our website under the donation process button you will see a new button "Give now with Givelify".

We are testing this new donation site as we finalize our new site. Please feel free to utilize it so we can test the connection and memo section where you can designate how you want your offering to be  credited. If you have any problems please let sister carmen or brother Edmund know.

  • We are encouraging anyone who has been unable to participate in church services to join us on Zoom on Wednesday Nights  for Bible Study via conference call.  Please share this opportunity with any family member of friend. We just need their email address so they can receive the instructions on how to call in.


 Prayer List will be posted on Web page until such time as paper programs will once again be distributed during the worship service. We will continue to ask that we remember everyone in our calls and prayers each week. If you have a prayer request please send it to sister Carmen by Thursdays each week to have the names added or removed from our prayer list listed below. You can text her cell phone or leave the message on the website prayer request form.

As we prepare to re-open our church it will be done in phases. We are preparing a safety plan for the protection of all members and visitors. We will follow CDC guidelines ,as well as, re-opening plans in phases provided by the National Church and Regional Office. Social distancing and face mask must be worn throughout the worship service and no group fellowship will be allowed before and after service.

We will post the Safety Plan on this website for all to review and familiarize themselves with in the near future. 

ESSCC Prayer List 

 Bro. Rufus Adams;Sis Shirley Riley;Bro. Melvin & Sis. Debra Carr;Bro. Warren Hudson & Family;Bro. Worth Hadley and family; Sis. Elzada Harrison; Sis. Naomi Jackson; Sis. Reba Massey; Bro.Charles Peoples & Family; Sis. Connie Johnson & Family;  Sis. Carla Burdine & family; Brother David Durley on hospice;Sister Karrie Harris and family ( loss of nephew);Sister Dena and Brother Tyler Plunkett; Sister Donna Roberts;Brother George Hughes;Sister Sheila Jones and Family;Brother Don Reaves and Family; Aneesah Hawkins;Jackie Avriett and husband Kassiem; Mrs. Joyce Colton;Mrs. Helen Hill;Ms.Shannon Kehrwald & family; Ms. Kimella Glover; Mr. Patrick Glover;Mrs. Emma Lemons;Mrs. Hortense McCullough;Mrs. Shawn Smiley; Mr. Rick McSwain;Mrs. Verta Marie Owens; Mr. Donte Payton; Mr. Demetris Smith; Mr. David E. Stevenson;Mr. Reggie Thomas;Mr. Alfred Walker; Ms. Lorrie Shappie;Ms. Lovie Watts;  Ms. Ronda Sanders; Mr. Ja'Rod and Ms.Dolores Plunkett; Mr. Tyron Manuel Davis; Mr. Shahid Cowen; Ms. Ann Porter; Pastor Jacqueline Harris;Mr. Phil Westmoreland; Ms. Linda Princess Lusnia;Mr. Ron Clark;Jesse Pruitt; Garcia and Karen Tarver; President Trump (positive Covid-19);Cameron Batson positive for Covid-19); Monique Davis (positive Covid-19). 

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