Todays Announcements

Praying for Elder Worth Hadley who has been placed on hospice care at home with Brother Bobby and sister Gail.  
Praying for sister Gayle Briggs, sister Shawn Dawson and sister Sheri Dickerson as they continue to recover from surgeries. 

Continue to pray for the Starr Shells Basco Jones family .

Special Birthday wish for Sister Helen Holmes Grey who turned 95 years young on June 10th, other Birthdays this week -Brother Edmund Clegg and  Eliot Francisco is 8 years old.    

Community Garden update- Please mark your calendar for our first Community Harvest at our garden on July 10th. Time TBA.

Save the date-Garden Dedication ” Ira Holmes Garden”  is schedule for September 12. More details to come.

We are excited to announce that children church and nursery ministry will re-open next Sunday , June 20th on Father’s Day. We are looking forward to having all of our children’s smiling faces back in the house of worship.

Thank you to all who traveled with us to Tulsa last Sunday. It was an awesome fellowship with our sister congregations and visitors as we commemorated the 100th Anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre. They have  “Faith Still Standing” Commemorative T-shirts, tots and caps for sale for anyone who may have missed the first order. Sister Carmen will be placing the order and collecting the money for East Sixth Street. Cash only please. Deadline to be announced. 

Order of Service ( Use phone App during service)

Welcome                             Deacon Carla Burdine

Opening Prayer                   Deacon Carla Burdine

Scripture                              Deacon Carla Burdine

 II Samuel  11:2-5            

Praise/Worship-       Ckai Dawson

Announcements       Pastor Jesse Jackson

  Offering- Online a Glance/

  Online Giving PayPal/credit /debit card

Communion– Upon exit from  sanctuary-follow direction of usher

Corporate Prayer-                                                     ALL remain seated

Song                               Ckai Dawson

Sermon –              Pastor Jesse Jackson Jr.   

“A Biblical Entanglement”

Invitation                            Pastor Jesse Jackson Jr.

Words of Institution Communion    Pastor Jesse Jackson Jr.

Offering prayer/Benediction   Pastor Jesse Jackson Jr.

      All members will remain seated to be     dismissed by rows to prevent                   congregating and  crowding  upon exiting


  • Happy Birthday shout out to All June Birthdays and Anniversaries.
  •  Happy Birthday to  Eliott Francisco (2); Anthony Caddell (2); Karrie Harrison (4); Benjamin Pattico 2yrs old (23); Helen Holmes 95 years old on 10th; Edmund Clegg (12)
  • Happy Anniversary: 
  • Please let us know of any June Birthdays and Anniversaries so that we can add you to our list for acknowledgment and celebration on our website and announcements.
  • We  will have  “No contact giving” at the church from 10-11 AM.  All other forms of giving are available as well: Mailing Address: PO Box 54674, OKC. OK 73154; online giving  . 
  • Full Prayer list is available on the website If you have anyone to add or remove please let us know either by text to sister Carmen or by contact form on the website.
  • New Church App is available for iPhone and Android phones in the Apple store and Google play store- East Sixth Street Christian Church (ESSCC).
  • At A glance” drop down  is convenient way to find things more quickly like announcements, event calendar. Contact Us has visitor page. If you need to contact church use this form and your message will go to the church email.

ESSCC Prayer List

Bro. Rufus Adams; Sis Shirley Riley; Bro. Melvin & Sis. Debra Carr; Bro. Warren Hudson & Family; Bro. Worth Hadley and family; Sister Reba Massey; Sis. Connie Johnson & Family;  Sis. Carla Burdine & family;  Sister Dena and Brother Tyler Plunkett; Sister Donna Roberts; Brother George & Sis. Cathy Hughes; Sister Sheila Jones ; Brother Don Reaves and Family; Sister Shawn Dawson; Sister Ckai Dawson; Bro. Jameson Clegg; Bro. Tony Caddell; Sister Kim Smith  and mother Josephine McCleary; Tracy Smith: Deacon Bob Cowen and Sis. Louise Cowen; Sister Janita  Blair and family; Sister Karrie Harris and Family; Sister Gloria Carter and family;  Ms. Helen Holmes-Gray; Aneesah Hawkins; Jackie Avriett and husband Kassiem; Mrs. Joyce Colton; Mrs. Helen Hill; Ms. Shannon Kehrwald & family; Ms. Kimella Glover; Mr. Patrick Glover; Mrs. Emma Lemons; Mrs. Hortense McCullough; Mrs. Shawn Smiley; Mr. Rick McSwain; Mrs. Verta Marie Owens; Mr. Donte Payton; Mr. Demetris Smith; Mr. David E. Stevenson; Mr. Reggie Thomas; Mr. Alfred Walker; Ms. Lorrie Shappie; Ms. Lisa Sydnor;  Ms. Ronda Sanders; Mr. Ja’Rod and Ms. Dolores Plunkett; MrsJosephine McCleary ; Mr. Wayne Barnes and family of his daughter Shonda Star-Janetta Barnes Rodriguez; Mr. Cordell Green; Mr. Tyron Manuel Davis; Mr. Shahid Cowen; Ms. Ann Porter; Pastor Jacqueline Harris; Mr. Phil Westmoreland; Ms. Linda Princess Lusnia; Mr. Ron Clark; Jesse Pruitt; Garcia and Karen Tarver; Mr. James Henry; Ms. Latreecia Folkes ; Ms. Ruth Moneke; Ms. Ka’lynn and Channing Caddell; Mr. Cameron Batson ; Sister Naomi Jackson; Brother Tony Francisco :Ms. Sharon McKay; Ms. Joni Jones; Sister Adrianne Cooper and husband Ralph ; Sister Reba Massey ;Ms. Dora Moore; Mr. David Mosley fighting ; Brother Ratem mother Ms. Lorain Colbert 86 years old; Pastor L.L. and Dr. LaVonna Lewis; Ms.  Helen Holmes-Gray; Family of Starr Shells;

Church Contact Information at Glance

East Sixth Street  Christian Church

1139 NE 6th Street, OKC. OK 73117



Mailing Address: PO Box 54674, OKC. OK 73154

Online Giving: web page– (Givelify, PayPal, credit and debit card)

Facebook- East 6th Street Christian Church–

YouTube- East Sixth Street Christian Church-

Sunday Worship from Sanctuary

Facebook Live/ YouTube Live

Sunday Worship from Pastor home

Facebook Live  & YouTube Live

Zoom Meetings


7pm Bible Study with invitation  

General Announcements

In Person Safety Plan:

The safety and well being of our church family is our top priority. To address these concerns we have developed a re-entry plan for our congregation to allow us to worship  while following CDC protocols.

Now that we are open church  ministries will be opening in phases. We  have prepared a safety plan for the protection of all members and visitors. We will follow CDC guidelines, as well as, re-opening plans in phases provided by the National Church and Regional Office. Social distancing and face mask must be worn throughout the worship service and no group fellowship will be allowed before and after service.

If you are a high risk for the virus we ask that you continue worshiping with us on Facebook /YouTube Live. 

  • New worship time will be 10am. We are open to
  • All members and visitors

          We will still have a shorter service format and a requirement that all mask stay on throughout service with social distancing.

  • We will enter through the glass doors, we are asking everyone to use hand sanitizer before entering sanctuary.  
  • You will be seated by the ushers-Family groups will be seated together.

          If you need an offering envelope please ask an usher as you are being    seated. Online giving is available on our webpage esscc1919. At a glance- online giving.  Feel free to make your donation during worship service.

  • Dismissal- Everyone will remained seated and you  will be dismissed  by rows under the direction of the ushers through the side doors. Offering will be deposited in ESSCC offering box and communion given to each member.
  • To maintain social distancing we are asking that you NOT congregate in the bathrooms or fellowship hall. Ushers will be monitoring for compliance.
  • We will have  communication teams. The name of each member of the church will be placed on a list. We ask that you notify us immediately if you  test positive for COVID-19 or becomes exposed to a person positive for COVID-19.  We will check the list of when you were last at church and notify anyone who was also in attendance of possible exposure.

          We will NOT be able to report who has reported being  positive for Covis-19    due to privacy laws but we can tell you the exposure date. Please be sure to  cooperate with the state health department Covid-19 trackers.

  • If you are high risk we ask that you continue to  worship with us on Facebook Live. We are trying to get You Tube Live working from the sanctuary for members without Facebook. Worship services are uploaded to YouTube after services that evening.

Parking Lot Instructions

  • Please enter the parking lot from 7th street and follow directions. We will be putting larger SUV vehicles to the side or back to allow those in smaller vehicles to see, we appreciate your cooperation.
  • We ask that you remain by your cars and not visit a car to car so we can be careful to maintain our social distance. If you bring your chairs we ask that remain by your cars a safe distance from the car next to you. No chairs will be brought out of the church.
  • To keep our ushers or deacons safe while handing out communion and envelopes we are asking that you wear your mask in your car until you have received all these items and if you leave your car for any reason.
  • The bathrooms will be open in the church. We have to give heartfelt wave rather than warm hugs for now.
  • We will still be broadcasting on Facebook live so you can watch along from your cars if you are unable to see very well. Due to Pastor Jackson’s balance issues, we will not feel safe having him stand on any platforms for height.
  • So feel free to watch on your electronic devices from your cars. You should still be able to hear everything with our outdoor sound system thanks to Minster of Music, Sister Shawn Dawson, and Praise Leader Sister Ckai Dawson.
  • We will be taking communion together but due to COVID-19 will not be collecting the discarded waste, please take those home to throw away.
  • Please plan to arrive early to allow us time to lineup cars and get everyone settle before church begins so that late arriver’s do no disturb the service.
  • Online giving is still encouraged and can be done from your cars. Offerings will be collected as you drive out of the parking lot by one of the ushers. No contact offering will be available from 10-11 am.

Standing Announcements

1139 NE 6th Street Oklahoma City, Ok 73117

Mailing Address

PO Box 54674 Oklahoma City, 73154

Phone # 405-235-3201


        Sunday Morning 10am –                  Facebook Live/YouTube Live
Wednesday Night Bible Study 7 pm                        Zoom/Facebook Live
Radio Broadcast 1pm
KRMP-92.1FM/1140 AM